Polyurethane bushings for Seat Inca (97-04)

Enhance Your Driving Experience with Strongflex Bushings for Seat Inca (97-04)

Explore our e-shop's range, featuring polyurethane Strongflex bushings for Seat Inca (97-04). These bushings are renowned for their durability and their ability to significantly enhance your vehicle's driving dynamics. If you're aiming to improve your vehicle's handling and extend the mileage between repairs, simply swap out the rubber bushings for polyurethane ones, and you'll be one step closer to achieving your ideal driving experience. Choose from our two variants of Strongflex bushings:

  • NORMAL (red, softer, ideal for regular road use) for Seat Inca (97-04)
  • SPORT (yellow, harder, engineered for tuning and motorsport) for Seat Inca (97-04)

Increase vehicle comfort and performance with our PowerFlex bushings for Seat Inca (97-04)

We are proud to introduce our range of polyurethane PowerFlex bushings for Seat Inca (97-04). PowerFlex bushings are a marvel of modern technology that will take your driving experience to a whole new level. What makes our PowerFlex bushings so special? Compared to conventional rubber bushings, PowerFlex bushings provide a longer service life and reduce the need for frequent replacements. GaG racing offers Powerflex bushings in two versions:

  • Road Series (purple, softer, designed for operation on normal roads) for Seat Inca (97-04)
  • Black Series (black, harder, designed for tuning and motorsport) for Seat Inca (97-04)