How to find the right type of bushing?


There are different Shore hardness scales to measure the hardness of different materials. We are supplying RED STRONGFLEX bushings with a hardness of 80 ShA and YELLOW STRONGFLEX bushings with a hardness of 90 ShA.


The difference between red and yellow bushings:



The hardness of approximately 80 ShA provides a similar dynamic feeling to that of conventional rubber-steel (rubber-metal) bushings. However, the durability and stability ensure much better overall comfort.

Therefore, we recommend RED bushings to those who want to improve their control and safety while enjoying the classic driving style.



The hardness of approximately 90 ShA provides a harder chassis feel, which is sought after in fast and sport-like driving. It is recommended for sports cars, racing cars and tuning. The hardness of polyurethane increases the life of the chassis and also improves the steering and stabilization of the car on the track.


We also provide the option of ordering a custom BLACK bushings with a specifically selected ShA between 80 and 90.


Please note that the main difference between YELLOW and RED silencers is their hardness, both of them maintaining excellent resistance and durability.


The key properties of polyurethane bushings:

- extends tyre life by reducing tread wear;

- provides better chassis stability;

- improves driving comfort;

- increases security by providing more control;

- low installation costs.


POWERFLEX bushings are available in four different types. The main difference is their hardness.

RED 65 ShA, YELLOW 70 ShA, PURPLE 80 ShA and BLACK 95 ShA.


RED - hardness 65 ShA, these bushings  are mainly used as exhaust handles or in cases where high flexibility is required.


YELLOW - hardness 70 ShA, this material is typically used as a secondary frame or motor bushings to dampen excess vibration towards the chassis.


PURPLE - 80 ShA hardness, also known as Street, has been developed as a substitute for commonly used rubber-steel bushings for regular, unsportsmanlike driving. The PURPLE bushings is the best compromise for increased comfort, hardness and durability.


BLACK - 95 ShA hardness, the Black Series material has been specially developed for sports and racing riding. BLACK bushings provide maximum hardness under heavy loads and are highly recommended for cars that are pushed to their limits.