Polyurethane bushings for MG MGF (95-02)

The MG F was introduced in the fall of 1995 by the Rover Group, which made it the third vehicle since its takeover by BMW. The drive was powered by a 16-valve 1.8-liter K-series engine, the base engine had 118 hp (87 kW), while the more powerful VVC (variable valve control) was 143 hp (107 kW).

STRONGFLEX bushings for gf

STRONFLEX bushings are made in two variants: red and yellow . Hardness of the red ones is 80 Sha and they are meant to be a sportier replacement of OEM bushings . The yellow ones are 90 Sha and their priority is handling over comfort. They are ideal for use in motorsport, drift, and dedicated track cars. Despite this, some bushes are availible in yellow variant only. This usually happens when oem bushings are made of hardened rubber.

Powerflex bushings for gf

Polyurethane bushings from PowerFlex are made in several colour and hardness variants. They are standardly made in 80 Sha hardness and are violet in colour. Engine bushings are a little bit softer. The black edition bushings are the hardest on our website - 95 Sha. Powerflex bushings for gf along with STRONGFLEX bushings cover customer needs for 95% cars on our road.

Some of car descriptions are from www.wikipedia.org

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